Blend of extracts for foot care 100ml

Components: natural birch leaf-bud water extract, tea tree and thyme essential oils.

The natural bio-active substances which are in the birch leaf-bud extract calm the skin irritation, condense, clean, disinfect, keep hair’s elasticity and maintain its good condition. The product contains saponins (natural foaming glycoside substances) lessening unpleasant skin stretching and itching. Tea tree and thyme essential oils with their antibacterial effects and specific fragrance enhance the blend and help to maintain the sensation of clean feet al the day.

Directions for usage: shake the extract before using! Store in the original packaging with a lid on.

1st method: wash thoroughly your feet with warm water. Apply some ointment on the fact and simultaneously massage the skin. Keep the greased feet uncovered but warm at least for an hour, then was with warm water.

2nd method: apply some extract on the washed feet before sleep, put on stockings or wrap them up into linen or cotton cloth and keep for the night. In the morning wash your feet with warm water.

Attention: the extract contains natural dyes of plant origin.