Caraway  (Carum carvi L.) 100g

Ingredients: Caraway seeds — 100 %

Caraway is a valuable and one of the oldest spices, originating from ancient Egypt. This is a popular spice in India, the Middle East and Mexico. Aside from culinary purposes, caraway is also very valuable for other of its properties, created by bioactive ingredients.

Caraway seeds accumulate 3-7 % of essential oils, the most important ingredients of which are carvone (up 60%) and limonene (up to 40%). Moreover, they also contain 14-22 % of fat, 20-30 % protein, fermenting substances, flavonoids quercetin and kaempherol, as well as resin and pigments. Caraway is rich with iron, while caraway tea is very refreshing and reduces fatigue. Due to large amounts of phytosterol caraway can help lose weight and the amount of fat. Phytosterol prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Some specialists claim that caraway stimulates metabolism.

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