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Serving Organic Sellers in Europe and Beyond

For almost thirty years now, Lithuania’s pioneering ecological farm “Mėta” has been promoting a wholesome and natural philosophy of consumption. The majority of ingredients used in produce are still grown on a land that is owned by the Vyskupaičiai family, the founders of the enterprise. Our international mission is to serve ethically minded organic wholesalers, distributors and retailers who are keen to enrich their assortment with a range of truly wholesome products.

MĖTA’s bestsellers include essential oils, herbal extracts, body scrubs, massage honeys, organic teas, organic juices, baked goods, organic sweets, canned goods, and wholesome household products.



Different organic sellers have different needs that are shaped by their business profiles and unique customer cultures. So please feel free to browse through our online storefront to explore our product range in detail. We are confident that you will discover products that will surprise and please even the most demanding of your organically minded customers.


Made with love and respect for people.


Great deals for substantial bulk orders for pine essential oil


“Mėta” offers favorable partnership arrangements for organically minded distributors, wholesalers and retailers across Europe and beyond. We offer more than 200 unique organic products which are branded with the ‘Mėta’ trademark. Under certain conditions, we can also produce for private label. The majority of our products come with organic certification which greatly boosts the sale value for you as an organic seller. Potential partners are always welcome to visit our farm and factory facilities just 15 minutes away from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Do not hesitate to contact us right now. Let’s revitalize the organic movement together.