As a devotedly organic enterprise, we believe that the organic movement is in great danger. The sad reality is that most of what mega-corporations market as ‘organic’ or ‘ecological’ are merely synthetic combinations of ingredients that have some organic roots. In this way the wholesome natural structures are damaged and reshaped beyond recognition.


Tai, kas tikra, ekologiška, lietuviška

Daugiau kaip 200 rūšių. Tavo

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At “Mėta”, we are convinced that the organic and the wholesome must go hand in hand, and we take it on ourselves to preserve nature’s gifts in their original structures and compositions. This philosophy guides us in all of our agricultural and production processes.

All of our products – for saunas and spas, for households and nutrition – are produced with utmost respect to our environment, our consumers, and the future generations.

“Mėta” JSC is an active participant in the “Copernicus” and “Eureka” EU projects, supplying essential oils and extracts for research. These studies examine the chemical composition of organic products, including their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

“Mėta” Products

“Mėta” JSC is not only expanding across the market in Lithuania and the EU. We are also increasing our product range, which currently includes more than 200 varieties of different products.
The company produces 17 varieties of essential oils designed for baths, massage, and aromatic lamps. The production capacity of the company allows to produce 12 tonnes of essential oils per year.

The “Mėta” trademark appears on 13 varieties of organic aqueous extracts designed for baths, spa treatments, body care, and bath steam rooms. The extracts are made from organic herbal raw materials by way of water distillation and vacuum concentration. The company produces 200 tonnes of herbal extracts per year.

The herbal extracts do not contain any synthetic preservatives. The extracts are stable for more than 2 years, thanks to the active substances extracted during a unique manufacturing process. Due to exceptional properties, “Mėta” products are highly appreciated by resorts, spas, and sanatoriums. Currently, the company is actively developing a network of export partners in the European Union and beyond.

Since 2000, the organic “Mėta” farm has been developing the production of natural household products, which are totally harmless to health and the environment. “Gamta valo” (“Nature cleans”) is meant for cleaning greasy kitchen surfaces, hand and utensil washing without any synthetic additives. Indoor plants can be protected from pests by using “Gamta valo” (“Nature cleans”), a spray made from the extract of bitter wormwood, green soap and the essential oil of cloves.

One of the most popular “Mėta” products is herbal tea. In order to produce these teas we use not only common Lithuanian plants, but also a range of home-grown herbs. In contrast to industrial production, the “Mėta” farmers collect herbs manually from stems and package them immediately without artificial flavoring, so that the aromatic and medicinal properties are preserved.

Since 2010, the company has produced the following food products which are made from raw organic materials grown in Lithuania:

  • ● Bread Кvass
  • ● Organic juice
  • ● Organic canned products
  • ● Whole grain rye and wheat flower bread without yeast
  • ● Whole grain bakery products
  • ● Natural sweets from vegetables


Different organic sellers have different needs that are shaped by their business profiles and unique customer cultures. So please feel free to browse through our product catalog to explore our product range in detail. We are confident that you will discover products that will please even the most demanding of your organically minded customers.


Made with love and respect for people.


Sauna products, home spa, natural household products.


“Mėta” offers favorable partnership arrangements for organically minded distributors, wholesalers and retailers across Europe and beyond. We offer more than 200 unique organic products which are branded with the ‘Mėta’ trademark. Under certain conditions, we can also produce for private label. The majority of our products come with organic certification which greatly boosts the sale value for you as an organic seller. Potential partners are always welcome to visit our farm and factory facilities just 15 minutes away from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Do not hesitate to contact us right now. Let’s revitalize the organic movement together.