In order to turn sauna procedures into a pleasant ritual, we suggest using herbal extracts, enriched with essential oils. Natural herbal extracts and essential oils will offer relaxing sensations in Lithuanian, Russian or steam baths. Sauna and besom massage helps your body get rid of toxins.

We recommend pouring diluted herbal extracts and essential oils on hot stones, because an appropriate selection of bath scents not only will lift your mood, but also create a favourable environment for your body.

„Herbal extracts for saunas“, enriched with natural essential oils are the most natural aqueous extracts, while their scents speak for themselves. Essential oils are perfectly soluble in herbal extracts — aqueous concentrates — and won’t mix with pure water.

„Herbal extracts for saunas“ can be diluted with water used for soaking besoms, while its solution can be poured on hot stones. The natural bioactive substances dissolved in water, as well as essential oils enter our respiratory system, get through all the vital systems and then are excreted with sweat and toxins. Besoms, enriched with herbal extracts, are used for massage and body cleansing, absorbing some of these bioactive substances in the extracts through skin. This procedure not only cleans your skin, but you will also not need any additional cleanser — only warm water.

„Herbal extracts for saunas“ don’t contain any solvents, preservatives, emulsifiers or other synthetic substances, which could irritate skin and cause allergies.

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