THE BLEND OF EXTRACTS FOR SAUNAS: with tea tree and mint essential oils 150ml

For a pleasing bath ritual we recommend using herbal extract, enriched by essential oils. Freezing and refreshing effect is strengthened by anti-bacterial properties of tea tree.

Components: 60% birch leaf-bud extract, 35% pine extract, 5% blend of tea tree and mint essential oils.

Directions for usage: shake the extract before using! Pour 30 ml of the extract in 7 litres bucket with hot water for wetting birch-rods. Mix the blend well and pour it on hot stones, in a little quantity. Massage your body with steeped birch-rods. Do not wash the body with synthetic soaps or shampoo. Before you go into the bathhouse vent-hole wash well in the shower. The extract should be poured only as directed. Undiluted extract cannot be poured on hot stones.