Blend of botanical extracts for hair strengthening 100ml

Components: natural nettle water extract, natural birch leaf-bud extract, melissa essential oil.

The natural bio-active substances which are in the birch leaf-bud extract calm the skin irritation, condense, clean, disinfect, keep hair’s elasticity and maintain its good condition. The product contains saponins (natural foaming glycoside substances) lessening unpleasant skin stretching and itching. The tonic properties and lovely aroma of melissa essential oil enhance the blend and help to keep hair in good condition.

Directions for usage:rub the undiluted extract into the washed hair moistering all hair and scalp. Leave for 5 minutes at the same time lightly massaging your scalp. Wash thoroughly the hair with warm water. Rough hair should be rinsed with the water acidified by lemon juice.

Attention: the extract contains natural dyes which might give an unpleasant brownish tone to the light coloured hair.